Why I’m a GAPS coach

We made a couple of really significant mistakes the first year on the GAPS diet. I’m thankful for having made these mistakes because they taught me some significant things about Raleigh’s healing journey and about the body. They showed me that the body still yearns to heal even when we leave something important to the healing process out, or we don’t have as much of it as we should. That should encourage you. It certainly encouraged me.

When we began the GAPS diet back in 2017, the role of the GAPS coach was nonexistent. At that point there were only GAPS practitioners. I contacted one, and we had a handful of phone calls in that first year but there were only so many questions I could ask in a 1 hour phone call and then about a million more that would spring forth after the phone call. It would have been huge to have a coach to come along side me and help me navigate the ever-increasing amounts of questions I had. I needed more contact.

Most people begin GAPS out of desperation. Most are scraping bottom and many struggle to even pull off the task of making meat stock and fermented foods to begin. It is a really difficult place to find yourself or your child. This was me. We were scraping bottom with Raleigh. I read the yellow GAPS book in a panic and as quickly as I could. I didn’t have a steady hand despite the fact that I had a determined will. I spent about a week preparing and dove in.

Due to this fact, I was not as prepared as I could have been. I knew he needed to drink meat stock. I knew he needed to eat fermented foods. I didn’t know how much though. I didn’t know how he would react. I didn’t know what to expect or what I should do when he revolted or went through a major die off. I needed guidance, support, a listening ear, and someone to steady my hand.

I love how failure teaches so well. I could have been mad at myself for the mistakes I made, but instead I decided to do something with them. I made changes. I learned. I kept going. I watched as my son continued to heal despite my failures to pull off the GAPS diet perfectly in that first year. (By the way, no one does it perfectly – and there is grace for that.) His eczema began to heal and clear in many places. His asthma and edema left the party! Good riddance to those two demons. God was so good to us.

So when the coaching position opened up, I felt a big pull toward it and signed up for the program. I was in the second graduating class in July 2020. I knew I wanted to offer my clients that extra contact I didn’t have to help them navigate the influx of questions that come in heady waves, especially at the beginning. I also wanted to help prevent my clients from making the same mistakes I made in our first year on GAPS. Mistakes that did slow the healing process down.

I love helping people. It makes my heart happy; it fulfills me, and truly, it is my purpose in this life. Well, it is one of my purposes. I know God, in part, led me down this path to show me this purpose in life: GAPS coaching. I have found a voice in this community that I value so much, and I’m thankful daily for this journey and all that it has brought my way. My cup overfloweth.

I love coaching. I love being that steady hand for my clients as they wade into deep waters of uncertainty. It is a lonely and scary place, and I’m thankful I can say with confidence that I understand. I’ve been there. I’m still here. Healing is possible. Food is medicine. Don’t give up. Today is all you have.

I offer a couple of packages specifically for those who need to ask a lot of questions. I wanted to offer my services that way; to be that coach I wish I had had.

If you are interested in coaching you can contact me via the contact tab above. You can also view my packages and pricing for coaching.

You don’t have to do this alone.



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