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It has been a HOT minute since I’ve updated this blog. So many great things have been happening with Raleigh’s healing and I’ve been busy with GAPS coaching and creating a 30-Day Full GAPS meal plan. I will return with a detailed update on Raleigh’s healing journey soon. But for now, I’d like to introduce you to my newly available Full GAPS meal plan called GAPS for You.

I have now been taking clients and coaching for almost two years. I have been asked many times if I offer a meal plan for the GAPS diet. Reluctantly I had to say no and realized there was a need for a 30-Day meal plan to help people wade into their GAPS journey.

Raleigh has been on the GAPS diet for nearly 5 years now. When I first began I leaned heavily into two cook books that helped me in very significant ways. After the first year on GAPS I started to branch out and find recipes that looked appealing and adapt them to GAPS. Through this process I began to create my own recipes.

If you know anything about the GAPS diet you know you spend your days in the kitchen, not only prepping and cooking but also cleaning. It is a lot of effort and work and can be draining both mentally and physically.

As these recipes came together and my family found favorites that quickly turned into monthly staples I began compiling recipes in a book. I didn’t set out to create a meal plan but after I realized there was a need I decided to craft a meal plan for the Full GAPS diet.

My biggest aim was to make these dinners as simple as possible. I have learned that the best food is really pauper food. GAPS food is simple, with minimal ingredients many times, and really tasty. It is pauper food. It is comfort food.

I will often purchase a cook book only to flip through the pages and not feel like making a majority of the recipes due to the lengthy ingredient lists, time commitment and complexity. I want simple. I want minimal while not sacrificing flavor. That is what I have brought to the table in my 30-Day meal plan.

Raleigh has also struggled with many food sensitivities on his journey on GAPS so these recipes are really versatile for those who also struggle with two of the biggest food sensitivities/allergies: egg and dairy. All of the dinners are dairy and egg free. There are many opportunities to add fermented dairy if dairy is not an issue. Having lived and walked this path of food sensitivities, I understand well the challenge parents face and wanted to offer a meal plan that helped this specific group of people.

There are two offerings:

  1. What’s for Dinner? Is just the dinners. This meal plan comes with a weekly shopping list, 6 bonus recipes, and a side dish document as many of the dinners are the meat portion only. It is fully dairy and egg free. It is basically nut free as well.
  2. The 30-Day Full GAPS Meal Plan offers 30 days of breakfast, lunch and dinners. The dinners are the same in both meal plans. The breakfast portion is a rotation of the typical Full GAPS legal breakfasts such as eggs, fermented dairy (yogurt/kefir), bacon, sausage patties, GAPS shakes and smoothies and some of my personal offerings from things we did like meat and veggies scrambles. Lunches are a mix of simple or on-the-go lunches mixed with some hot lunches. Personally, I want lunch to be as simple and quick as possible. So with lunches you will find that in soup and salad days, charcuterie board options as well as some simple hot lunches like baked chicken tenders.

Both meal plans feature dishes made with chicken, beef and pork. I know not everyone does pork and that’s okay. The majority of the dishes with pork call for ground pork which can be substituted with any other ground meat, such as chicken or turkey. Or, really, anything you can get your hands on. I know some people who have access to wild game such as venison and will use that. The sky is the limit.

You can purchase my meal plan here.

I am happy to answer any and all questions. Please feel free to contact me regarding the meal plan or coaching.

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