Hero’s Journey

Great literature is saturated with tales of the hero’s journey. The hero goes on a journey, usually an adventure of some kind, learns some important lesson about life and returns home changed. Some of the best stories present this archetype: The Lord of the Rings, Moby Dick, Jane Eyre, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn – just to name a few. But we also see it in film in O Brother Where Art Thou and the Good Dinosaur.

The hero inspires. We connect with them, we hurt with them, sympathize and rejoice as they triumph in the end. They are also dynamic characters that stir up great emotion within us. I think, because, we too desire to be dynamic and not static characters in the stories of our lives.

I’m no hero. I don’t feel heroic but I’ve certainly been on a journey. The strange thing is I’m still on the journey. I’m not exactly sure where in the journey but I know I’m not at my triumphant return yet. I’ve learned many valuable lessons on this trek but I feel more like Frodo somewhere still in the middle, clinging tight to the ring of power. I haven’t rid myself of it yet.

The remainder of this journey lies in resolving Raleigh’s food allergies. The mountain there feels a bit daunting. But if I’m honest with myself the eczema mountain was just as daunting. Perhaps even more daunting. Yet, we conquered that mountain.

We conquered that mountain. We did. This reality still shocks me.

So I contacted a GAPS practitioner to help me navigate our next steps with the egg allergy and dairy sensitivity. Talk about complete overwhelm. I walked away from that meeting knowing I needed some time to process. To allow Raleigh to have some time to be a kid in summer. A break – because the mental and emotional side of GAPS should never be ignored. You cannot heal if you are in a stressed space. So that is what we have been doing: taking a breather.

I’m still processing the next steps because she gave me a lot to consider. I know myself and I know I have to be mentally and emotionally ready to take on this next stretch of the journey. I’m not quite there yet.

The unknown is always full of tension for me. I’m trying to just sit with it, find peace inside of it and feel that readiness I know will come in time.

What I do know is that his egg allergy means we need to address heavy metals further and deeper. We have been using TRS for a couple of years and it did amazing work in helping him purge parasites and metals. It helped a large portion of his eczema leave as well. So this is part of the next steps. (Click here to learn more or purchase TRS.)

Another part will be taking him through the DIP (Dairy Introduction Protocol).

All of this could bring eczema back as the body works out the issues.

Lots of tension. Trying to reconcile myself with eczema returning. It is difficult and I’m struggling with that in big ways.

So I find myself somewhere in the midst of my hero’s journey. I desperately hope I’m further along than I think I am. Have I tossed the ring into the fires of Mount Doom yet? I’m not sure. But I hope I’m heading back to Hobbiton having freed myself of the burden – having freed Raleigh, because he is free. He is free of eczema. I did what I set out to do. So maybe that means I’m on my way back.

The journey back will have it’s own challenges, but we will make it back. The story isn’t over. We’re still here, just regrouping and taking a short rest.

Thanks for being here and a part of Raleigh’s journey on the GAPS diet.

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