Hello, my name is Danielle Forrester and I’m a certified GAPS coach. We began the GAPS diet back in 2017 for my son Raleigh. He suffered with severe eczema, food allergies/sensitivities, edema and asthma. We initially treated him using Western Medicine only to see his health deteriorate rapidly. I came across the GAPS diet in 2015 but considered it too daunting even though I knew it was what he needed. We are now (2021) nearly 4 years into Raleigh’s journey on the GAPS diet and so thankful to say that he no longer suffers from asthma, edema, many food sensitivities or severe eczema. We continue with the goal of seeing all food sensitivities and allergies reversed as well as a complete healing from the eczema. I got my certification as a GAPS coach in July of 2020. This journey with my son has taught me a great many things about food as medicine, patience, true healing and revealed to me a deeper desire and passion to help others on their own journey. Thanks for being here and following Raleigh’s journey.

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Raleigh before GAPS. Raleigh around 14 month on GAPS.

Severe eczema all over legs before GAPS. Clear, eczema-free legs 2+ years on the GAPS diet.

Severe eczema covering entire arms/torso before. Clear, eczema-free torso/arms. 2+ years on GAPS.