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My favorite pots and pans:

Luminarc Glass Cooking Pot (2L) –

Luminarc Glass Cooking Pot (3L) –

Luminarc Glass Sauce Pan (1.5L) –

Nontoxic Glass Dinner Plates – click here

Nontoxic Glass Coffee Mugs – click here

Glass jars for spices –

Cheesecloth –

32 ounce wide mouth jars (for stock and fermenting) – click here

Glass weights (for fermenting) – click here

Reusable wide mouth lids – click here

Nontoxic Slow Cooker: VitaClay – click here


Ion Gut Support – click here

Digestive Bitters –

Dessicated Liver pills –

Ancestral Supplements Liver – click here

Dessicated Kidney pills –

Dessicated Beef Organs –

YES Essential Fatty Acids – click here

Perfect Supplements Collagen powder – click here

Propolis Throat Spray (works like Benadyrl) – click here

Gallbladder/Bile/Digesting Fats support – click here


My favorite non toxic teas:

Pique tea Jasmine Green –

Pique tea Oolong –

Pique tea Hibiscus –

Pique mint tea –

Pique Earl Grey –

Pique Electrolyte Drink – click here

Teeth Stuff :

Oil pulling solution –

Ozone oil for tooth and gum health –

Non toxic dental floss –

Orawellness toothpaste/oils –

Non toxic teeth whitening –


Apple Cider Vinegar – click here

Real sourdough crackers –

Carnivore Crisps Beef Brisket – click here

Baja Gold Salt –

Colima Salt –

Celtic Sea Salt – click here

Best Coconut Milk –

Coconut Cream – click here

Seaweed – click here

Sprouted Spelt Flour – click here

Einkorn flour – click here

Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds – click here

Sprouted Sunflower Seeds – click here

Solely Dried Spaghetti Squash – click here

Skout Organic Kid bars – click here


Non toxic Mascara –

Organic Cotton Swabs –

Knife sharpener (that actually works!) –

My favorite deodorant –

Iodine –

Beeswax Pellets –

Moso air purifying bag –

Non toxic wool dryer balls –

Magnesium Lotion – click here

Non toxic Storage Bags – click here , here and here

Healthy Fats:

Epic Beef Tallow –

Fatworks Beef Tallow – click here

Fatworks Duck Fat – click here

Epic Duck Fat –

Epic Chicken Fat –

Fatworks Chicken Fat – click here

Fatworks Lard – click here

Epic Lard –

Fatworks Ghee – click here

Coconut oil –

Olive oil – click here

For Eczema help:

Shea butter –

Salve for eczema –

Comfrey ointment –

Manuka Honey Cream –

Seaweed Powder – click here

Detox Bath Stuff:

Bath filter –

Seaweed –

Bentonite Clay –

Magnesium bath flakes –

Dry Brush –

Dead Sea Salts –

Shower filter –

Books/Recommended reading:

NEWEST GAPS book (Physiology) –

GAPS book (Psychology) –

Technically GAPS-legal snacks:

***These meet the criteria that the ingredients are Full GAPS legal. However, the GAPS diet is based on freshly made food and not processed foods. If you are new to the diet I do not recommend these for consumption. I recommend waiting until substantial healing has been achieved and then consuming sparingly.

Chicken chips – click here

Pork Rinds Salt and pepper – click here

Pork Rinds Himalayan salt – click here

Pork Cracklins – click here

Venison Beef Strips – click here

Wagyu Beef Strips – click here

Turmeric Coconut Wrap – click here

Original Coconut Wrap – click here

Coconut Chips – click here