My mother and I enjoyed receiving GAPS coaching from Danielle. We already read the GAPS book when we started, but needed a bit more guidance. It was well worth having Danielle as our GAPS coach. She is very responsive, informative, and so resourceful! We had so many questions! Danielle was patient and thorough with her answers. We also appreciated Danielle’s honesty – it was helpful not only receiving information from a GAPS approach, but also hearing Danielle’s personal recommendations based on her experiences. We look forward to working with her again!  — HM & WM 

I began my journey on GAPS to help my toddler overcome eczema, food sensitivities, and food allergies. This road can feel so incredibly lonely and overwhelming, and it truly was for me until I started working with Danielle. During my time working with her, I developed a better understanding of the mechanics of GAPS, which is where I struggled while trying to manage the diet on my own for months. But most importantly, I felt supported and heard, which is something I never thought I needed. Danielle was a godsend to us. She’s not only incredibly knowledgeable, but more importantly, empathic and a true coach in your corner. I chose to work with Danielle because of her own journey, and how honest, open, and insightful she is when it comes to healing. I’ve learned so much and I know I would have never made the progress in my understanding of GAPS as quickly without her support.

~ Tiffany S.

Danielle was recommended to me as i needed someone to help guide/support me as i was starting the GAPS Intro. diet.

I have really appreciated working with her. She is knowledgeable and passionate about what she does, and she has a lot of personal experience with the diet as well (having done it herself as well as having her son on it), so that’s definitely different and more credible than just “knowing about it”.

I had complications early on when starting the diet, all glory to Jesus, I’ve made a lot of progress, though i still have a way to go, and Danielle’s support and knowledge were a very valuable resource.

I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs help/support with the diet, whether you’re trying to get started or need a good consistent and experienced resource while progressing through it.

~ Gjon C.

I am so grateful for Danielle’s wisdom and guidance as we transitioned to the full GAPS diet. As a nutritional therapy practitioner, I was very familiar with GAPS, but unsure how to successfully implement it in our family. She gave me specific goals and helped troubleshoot any problems that arose. More importantly, she encouraged me to do the hard thing, even though it isn’t easy, because it is so worth it and healing is possible.

~Libby C. 

“I first heard about the concept of the GAPS protocol through the Weston A Price podcast interview of Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride (Episode 5). I came across one or two people who knew of it and they recommended Hilary Boynton’s cookbook “Heal Your Gut.” I bought and read through “Gut and Psychology Syndrome” as well as the cookbook and gave GAPS a try on my own without help from a coach. That. Was Hard. Being so new to this way of thinking and climbing a very steep learning curve, I was overwhelmed and knew I wasn’t doing everything right. I understood the big picture concepts behind GAPS, but the implementation and day-to-day struggles with all the little food details as well as the emotional ups and downs of detoxing was very difficult to navigate without help from someone who had been through it before. 
I knew GAPS had something special that my family needed, and the science behind everything made a lot of sense. I really didn’t want to give up, but I knew I couldn’t do it on my own. I reached out to Hilary Boynton on Instagram and she highly recommended I work with Danielle. I also searched the gaps.me website to see if it might be worth looking for someone more local, but after reading into Danielle’s blog and her personal journey with GAPS I felt absolutely ready to jump in and work with her as my own GAPS coach. I didn’t regret it for a moment!
Knowing that Danielle had gone through a much harder situation in life made it easier for me to believe that I too could succeed in GAPS. In our house we were dealing with possible celiac disease, increasing food sensitivities, chronic diarrhea, general bloating, and other unexplainable mild skin rashes and itches, so we decided to all go on GAPS together as a family. Danielle was extremely patient and gentle with my loads of questions and was very easy to talk with about anything and everything. I spent hours pouring over the GAPS book, the cookbook, Danielle’s blog, her emails, writing more questions, and talking with my husband about how things were going and what we should do next. Each week of working with Danielle made me feel more and more confident about what GAPS was all about and how it worked. 
We noticed major positive changes immediately after starting GAPS and although not everything was solved in the first month, it was a huge hint of what two years on this protocol could do for us. Food has new meaning, nutrition has a new definition, and the pursuit of health has a new direction with GAPS. It’s been a difficult but amazing one month on GAPS and while we still have a lot to work through, I am so thankful for the kind and practical help from Danielle to continue pushing us in the right direction. 
If you’re considering starting GAPS my advice would be to hire a GAPS coach for the very first month at least. Danielle will make your time and money well worth it with the vast knowledge she shares from simplified recipes to personal experiences to book recommendations, product recommendations, and more! I left the first month with her feeling so energetic to learn more, knowing I had barely touched the surface of what GAPS can do for my family, and I highly recommend Danielle as an integral key in the journey of implementing GAPS.”

~ Emily M.

I was first introduced to Danielle in the summer of 2020 when a friend recommended Danielle’s Instagram page. I followed her for many months before deciding to hire her as a GAPS coach in February 2021. My daughter was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in June of 2020, and I knew I wanted to explore healing options for her instead of pumping her full of pharmaceuticals.

As a GAPS coach, Danielle was able to present the necessary information in bite size chunks for me, and she was instrumental in removing the overwhelming aspect of beginning GAPS. She provided many resources for me to look over and her practical help in implementing the GAPS protocol was invaluable, especially during those first tough weeks. Danielle was able to genuinely and compassionately walk me through the Intro stage, which can be very challenging. Knowing that she had been down this path with her precious son helped me to persevere through the detox process, knowing that on the other side, my daughter would ultimately make it through and thrive! I appreciate Danielle’s  eagerness to really listen and help me troubleshoot, helping me make it past some tough moments in this journey.

Danielle is professional, yet relatable and knowledgeable. There was an instant connection during that first phone conversation. She is very quick to reply to emails with a wealth of information. I am very grateful to have been connected to Danielle! I am happy to report that my daughter is experiencing healing and is thriving on the GAPS protocol! This is still a journey we will be on for quite a while, and having Danielle’s guidance during that first month was a blessing and a gift.

~ Rachel F.

“I found Danielle as an 18 year old suffering from acne, anxiety, and digestive issues, fully believing GAPS was the answer to taking my health into my own hands. Thanks to her coaching and friendship, GAPS has been and continues to be the best decision I’ve ever made. I truly couldn’t have done it without her! Whether it was during the hard times of die off in intro, or the many successes I celebrated along the way, Danielle supported and encouraged me through all of it. Danielle offers a pressure-free, encouraging, knowledgeable coaching experience and I hope to refer many friends and family members to her as I tell my loved ones about the healing of GAPS. Since starting GAPS with Danielle’s aid a few months ago, I’ve turned 19 and am basically anxiety and acne free. The greatest thing Danielle has helped me recognize is that I’m no longer doing this just for myself, I’m doing this for my future family. An invaluable gift!


Danielle is a super sweet coach to work with! She is attentive to our needs as she answers our questions and keeps us moving steadily forward in a positive direction. She is not pushy but patient, making sure we cover the basics thoroughly to build a good foundation. She has walked the walk, so she knows what she’s talking about.


It was a true pleasure working with Danielle and having her support during my very first time trying out the GAPS intro diet.  I would not have felt comfortable getting started and navigating the different stages without her.  I learned so much about making meat stock, fermenting veggies, when to introduce raw dairy and so much more!  I would highly recommend having her guide you through this challenging, yet rewarding journey!

~ Katie

Danielle was very helpful when it came to not only food-related things but lifestyle detox recommendations. The tips I used from her worked. I am currently recommending her to a friend. It was great to have someone to bounce questions off of, made me feel like I am not alone in this GAPS journey!

~ Selena 

I have struggled for years with PCOS and was becoming pre-diabetic.  Standard medicine and doctors had completely failed me and I was just feeling worse and worse, trying every diet out there.  Then I found Weston A. Price and began to change my lifestyle and my eating habits.   Through them, I found out about the GAPS diet.   It sounded like just what I needed to really heal my body, but I was also totally overwhelmed about how to get started and how to navigate this new lifestyle.   I contacted Danielle and she has been an amazing wealth of information and advice, along with being super down-to-earth and easy to talk to!   I have now completed the Intro Stages and am doing full GAPS and feeling amazing.    I could not have done this without Danielle and the support she provides.

~ Jenny C

I loved working with Forester Fitness and Nutrition!! She had great tips and support when I was banging my head against a wall of chicken broth. Very knowledgeable about gaps and helpful with questions!! A great peace of mind and tool to have when navigating GAPS.

~ Carolynn