Detoxing from metals with TRS – Part 1

***Disclaimer: This post is not meant to be medical advice. This is my personal story with TRS.

What is TRS?

Very simply, TRS is a zeolite that captures heavy metals and removes them from the body. You can read much more in depth here.

Heavy metal toxicity affects many parts of the body and can cause a multitude of heath issues from brain fog, to hair loss and thyroid issues, to fertility and even eczema. Do a quick internet search and you can easily find a nice, long concerning list. At this point, with how toxic our world is, we are all exposed to heavy metals and could use a good detox.

In all my research I continued to find that eczema was connected to yeast and heavy metals in the body. Dr Natasha recommends treating metals if you’ve reached 2 years on the GAPS diet and still have lingering issues. This was the case for Raleigh. But here is the kicker: Yeast is actually protective against heavy metals. Yeast will wrap itself around the metal to protect the body from further damage. So it certainly serves a purpose; nothing should be fully eradicated: yeast, candida, parasites, protozoa, since they each have a role. However, we want these things to be kept under control – in balance – by the good bacteria. We know they are not in a good balance when we suffer from symptoms like yeast infections, eczema, and other fungal overgrowths.

Yeast is virtually impossible to kill. It is incredibly domineering. It stays in the body for a reason and heavy metals must come out if you want yeast to come out. No amount of yeast protocols will work unless you also address the heavy metal issue. Yeast and metals are pretty much The Shining twins, holding hands and skipping down the street.

So, as per my usual fashion, I did quite a bit of research, reading, and thinking about which heavy metal detox I wanted to use for Raleigh. The Andy Culter method made me nervous for a few reasons, but mostly I did not want to wake Raleigh multiple times in the night to give him his dose of ALA every 3 hours. He had already struggled greatly to sleep for many years, and sleep is so important to healing. I felt the sleep element was more important to cling to.

Iodine will also expel metals, as well as chlorella, but Raleigh was too young to take Iodine internally (per Dr. Natasha’s advice), and I felt the chlorella was potentially too much work due to the fact I would have to get my young child to swallow pills.

TRS was introduced to me by a friend, and I was intrigued by the product but deterred by it’s price tag. I spent hours reading testimonies, learning about the product and making sure it was a GAPS legal way to treat metals. It was.

After beating around the bush, I decided to order TRS and try it myself first while I continued to mull over the options for Raleigh. I knew I had a high heavy metal burden and wanted to step into the waters first. I was pleasantly surprised by the results I began to see after a few months on TRS. I began to notice the episodes of lightheadedness I would experience from time-to-time were gone. I received a diagnosis of benign positional vertigo in 2008 and dealt with severe vertigo for months. It was one of the scariest experiences of my life. Out of that experience came bouts of lightheadedness that would plague me and cause me great anxiety. So to see the lightheadedness completely dissipate only further confirmed to me that TRS was working and pulling metals from my body.

From there a myriad of other health issues improved. I had daily tingling in my feet at night and would even be woken from sleep by tingling. This went away. My hair stopped falling out. I would lose almost no hair in the shower or when I combed my hair out. I also saw new hair growth and my eye lashes began to get longer.

All of that would have been enough to thrill me until I realized that I was falling asleep in record time. It had always taken me a long time to fall asleep each night. I would toss and turn for 20 or more minutes before I fell asleep. This change was huge for me. I was falling asleep within minutes of laying my head down. This had never been the case for me in my adult life.

I was sold on TRS.

This is all anecdotal evidence. But at some point anecdotal evidence becomes actual evidence.

At this point I was ready to put Raleigh on TRS. Stay tuned for part 2 next week when I talk in depth about all of Raleigh’s detox experience with TRS. It has been quite a ride.

In the meantime, if you are interested in purchasing TRS you can do so here. Please leave questions in the comments. You can also find me on Instagram as: Findingforrester4 where I have many posts about our experiences with TRS. Or you can find me on Facebook here.



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