Detoxing from metals with TRS – Part 2

***This blog post is not meant as medical advice. This is my personal experience using this product.

Raleigh’s journey detoxing heavy metals utilizing TRS has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride. I wasn’t expecting it to be as smooth as it was for me, but what we experienced was far more intense than even I anticipated.

To say I am hesitant to try something new on Raleigh is an understatement. I would venture to say I have a bit of PTSD from everything I have seen, experienced, and lived regarding Raleigh’s skin. The journey we have been on to healing him of severe eczema has been nothing short of miraculous. We have seen highs and incredible lows. I have successfully avoided antibiotic treatment for multiple skin infections, including staph infections, and have spent days of my life tirelessly tending to his needs physically, emotionally and mentally. So anytime I decide to allow him to try a new food, or heck a new product like TRS, you can be certain I’ve done my due diligence in research. I don’t take anything on lightly or flippantly.

As we somberly waved farewell to the two year mark on the GAPS diet, having hoped it would be our exit, I knew one of our next steps was to tackle heavy metals and parasites. I had been researching, talking to fellow GAPS mom friends, GAPS practitioners and researching products. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much in the way of parasite cleanses that would suit him due to the fact most contain black walnut hull.

Back in 2014 we found a walnut allergy, and in 2015 the doctor wanted to do a food challenge to test Raleigh on the severity of the allergy. A long, and traumatizing, story short, he did not pass the challenge; but we were told to safely assume he was ANA (anaphylactic) to the tree nut. Since then we haven’t brought walnuts or pecans into the home and have gone on that assumption. So any remedy that contained walnut, including black walnut hull, wasn’t a valid option in treating anything. It was not a risk I was willing to take.

There are multiple chelation methods. The Andy Cutler method is fairly well known and even recommended in the GAPS community. I spent a lot of time researching the ins-and-outs and had a pretty forceful gut reaction against using the method on Raleigh. This method requires administering the ALA every 3 hours and this would even include middle of the night doses which would mean waking him from sleep at least twice. This did not seem optimal or a good fit for Raleigh.

Sleep is vastly important. We heal when we sleep, and at two years into GAPS, Raleigh was finally sleeping and not waking in fits of itching attacks. I didn’t want to take that from him.

If you read my previous post, part 1, you know the rest. I tried TRS first, and I talk about the many, positive, health changes I have seen since using the product. If you haven’t taken the time to read it please do!

In the first few months on TRS Raleigh experienced a few intense parasite purges. The first purge was by far the worst. When parasites die they emit acetone that can create painful sores on the skin that burn and itch. This happened to him 3 separate times. We tended to the sores, which were intensely sensitive to touch, and made sure he did not develop skin infections.

We spent the first year slowly building his tolerance to TRS navigating these parasite purges. The company recommends 1 spray for every 30 lbs of weight so Raleigh fell between 1-2 sprays a day. We slowly worked him up to four sprays over the first 10 months. In these 10 months I decided to try reintroducing some foods that were known intolerances as I had been reading that treating heavy metals often helped reverse food intolerances and allergies.

In my research on parasites and heavy metals I found that parasites will coat themselves in metals to hide from the immune system. Parasites will also puncture a hole in the gut wall, hook into it and keep the gut from fully healing. Gross. However, by treating the metals the parasites began to “let go” and leave the body. We continued giving Raleigh meat stock which went right to work in healing and sealing up that gut wall in the places where the parasites were trying to maintain permanent residency. When the gut wall heals food proteins can no longer get into the blood stream. Many people on GAPS have seen great success with reversing both food intolerances and allergies after their body was able to let go of parasites and metals.

To our amazement this proved true for Raleigh. For the first time he was able to tolerate tomatoes, bell peppers (it is common to have issues with nightshades when you have a heavy metal burden in the body), avocado, pork, turkey, watermelon, cinnamon and cod liver oil.

Year 1 on TRS was rough but proved highly successful.

Here is a post on Instagram where I show some images of his parasite purges.

We also learned very quickly that within the first hour of taking TRS Raleigh began to itch very intensely. He could not eat his breakfast or focus on school work. So we moved his sprays to be during a detox bath or right before bed so he could sleep through that initial detox. This was a huge move for him and worked well.

Four sprays was Raleigh’s threshold. Any time I would give him one more he would begin to cut his face as the itch became too much to handle. Raleigh’s “tell” has always been his face.

TIPS for using TRS with kids:

  1. Go slow. Build sprays slowly. It is okay to decrease sprays or take a break. We have done both. Raleigh currently takes two sprays daily now.
  2. Support the body in detox. There are many ways you can do this: detox baths, spending time outside in the sun with barefoot on the ground, juicing, rebounding, dry brushing, etc.
  3. Switch to night time sprays if day time sprays prove bothersome.
  4. Drink extra water – this helps flush the toxins out quicker.
  5. Eat as clean as possible. Support the gut by drinking meat stock to help it heal faster.

Raleigh is into his second year taking TRS and after going through three separate parasite purges, all of which presented with acetone burns on his skin, we have decided to keep him at no more than 2 sprays each day. With any kind of detox you want to make sure you are not overwhelming the body. When the body is overwhelmed it struggles to successfully remove the toxins. If they are not all removed they relocate in the body. The four sprays were proving to be too much for Raleigh so we dialed his dose back and have seen better, more steady healing.

Another area in which I believe TRS has benefited Raleigh is in the way he has been handling the heat and histamines. The summers have always been incredibly difficult to navigate. Heat would make him sweat, and sweat would cause him to itch and flare. Over the past two summers we have seen this issue improve dramatically. Previously, he would spend the summers in wet wraps to help keep him cool. 2020 and 2021 have been the best two summers we’ve ever had with him. He has been fully wet-wrap free! This past summer, 2021, has been even better in this regard. He has handled the heat so well that he hasn’t needed a daily detox bath. In previous summers he would need at least one detox bath to help his skin reset. This is a histamine reaction, as well.

Many foods are also high in histamine including fermented foods, which are a big part of the GAPS diet. Leftover foods grow histamines; avocados, and so forth. Since taking TRS, he has successfully added many high histamine foods and can consume just about as many fermented foods as he desires without having a massive histamine flare. This has been huge!

Another very curious change we have seen is in Raleigh’s skin. Before we began TRS he had this muted mass of eczema on his torso and back. It was almost like someone painted him with a very dull red color from front to back. The eczema was different from other types as it wasn’t raised and really didn’t cause him any distress, but it was just there. The eczema was disappearing nearly everywhere else but remained on his torso and back. As he progressed through the months on TRS, we started to notice that muted mass was breaking apart. It was changing and lessening to the point that one day we noticed it was gone. Truly, it is in these moments when you witness something in real time that your eyes are really struggling to believe it’s true. It was true and remains true today. Raleigh’s steady consumption of TRS has continued to rid his body of parasites, heavy metals and lingering eczema. Huuuuuuge.

TRS is not a silver bullet, and it does take time to find what dose is best for your body and to stick with it. It needs time to be allowed to work. Heavy metals accumulate over time, and it takes time to get them out. I had a very high heavy metal burden from having amalgam fillings for over a decade, vaccines, tap water consumption, and so on. I passed on a great deal of that to him in pregnancy. I’m thankful for a product like TRS that is safe to use, easy to use and doesn’t require a huge disruption from daily life to implement.

We continue on as we see him getting into deeper layers of healing. Earlier this year he went through a very intense healing crisis that lasted about two months. I believe the TRS, detoxing from metals, played a big role in his body being strong enough to take on deeper healing. The body is so intuitive, and it won’t take on something it isn’t prepared to fully handle. Trust the process. Trust the journey. The body wants to heal.

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